Discount Broker = Discount Service

There’s nothing wrong with getting bang for your buck, and there’s nothing wrong in finding someone who’s willing to perform the same service as someone else for less money. But therein lies the issue… in the real estate industry discount agents don’t have the ability to offer the same service as other agents.

Think about it, why is an agent willing to discount a commission in the first place?

a.) Agent is inexperienced and new to the profession and believes that a discount commission is a way to compete with established agents.


Agent frequently discounts commission as a business model, valuing quantity vs. quality. Because they’re taking less money, they’re not spending as much time+money on their services. A quick sale benefts their bottom line.

Before you pull the trigger and select a discount agent to sell your home, compare their services and track record with another established agent in the area. Here’s a checklist of services you should be receiving as a seller from your agent in today’s market:

– An online marketing plan
– Mobile marketing capabilities
– Social media presence that attracts buyers
– Traditional advertising in your community
– Agent has a solid reputation & history of sales in your community
– Home should be showcased in other cities/states/countries via a broker with international presence
– Professional photography of your home for brochures & marketing materials
– Agent is willing to accompany showings
– An agent who has an understanding of market trends+cycles
– An agent who lives/works/plays in your community
– An agent with strong buy lasix 40 mg online negotiating skills

There are probably items on this list not often considered. Most notably, the ability to negotiate well with other agents/buyers. If an agent is willing to discount themselves, how do you think they’ll fare when the real negotiations start? If you don’t respect yourself and your abilities, you can’t expect others to respect you. Established savvy agents will fight for every dollar in a transaction. That kind of agent will earn you your discount through their negotiating prowess. Real life example:

The Hernholm Group was negotiating a sales price, and the other agent (a discount broker) could not understand why we were so tenacious in wanting to get an additional $10,000 for our client. He asked if we had calculated the amount of commission we would receive on that $10,000 and questioned whether it was worth our time and effort. As a buyer or seller, I’m guessing that $10,000 is not an insignificant amount and you’d would want your agent to make every effort to put those dollars on your side of the table.

Selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions people will ever make. That said, are you willing to place your trust in someone who is offering you a discounted service if it means “saving” a few thousand dollars in commission? You will never know what you might have sacrificed in sales dollars. It’s important to align yourself and your home with a high caliber professional agent.

Choose wisely.

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