Green Makes Sense

The resetting of the real estate market has provided homeowners with a greater appreciation for green construction and the practice of sustainability. A wasteful lifestyle is a fading trend as homeowners welcome new and improved ways of becoming more environmentally responsible and economical home dwellers. Homes that are equipped with energy efficient materials and systems are oftentimes more desirable as they are perceived as having more value among buyers. This growing appreciation of green suggests a shift in what buyers consider being a home’s greatest attribute.

Most people are aware of green homes but remain unsure as to what steps will have the greatest impact on making their own homes more energy efficient. Whether it’s as simple as switching to an LED or CFL light bulb or as elaborate as installing a solar panel system, homeowners should have an energy audit conducted so as to make the most of their “going green” efforts. A lot of people are disappointed when they get their first utility bill after they’ve installed a number of energy efficient products buy valium online without a prescription only to find out that they’re paying the same amount. If you don’t do a professional energy audit first, it’s like filling up a balloon and then finding out after-the-fact that there’s a hole in it. Getting an energy audit from a reputable company will reveal areas of your home where your improvements will have the greatest impact. In most cases it comes down to properly sealing cracks and openings around light fixtures and windows in addition to improving insulation.

There is a misconception that energy efficient upgrades are too costly. While there are costs involved, most upgrades eventually pay for themselves with cheaper energy bills. Furthermore, there are many rebate programs in existence, and city legislation initiatives such as AB 811 make the incentive to upgrade that much more enticing.

When it comes time to sell your home, energy efficient improvements are well received by potential buyers. Whether the motivation is influenced by your commitment to the environment, financial savings or both, the end result is still the same: “going green” makes cents for homeowners.

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