Mission Hills Town Hall Recap

The Mission Hills Town Council held their quarterly Town Hall meeting at Francis Parker Elementary last night.  Many well documented items were on the agenda, a few of which included:

  • Undergrounding & Street Lighting Update

  • Street Tree Maintenance
  • Vons Construction Update

Resident Paul Schulman and city engineer, Graham Hufford, provided the latest information on the street lighting and utility undergrounding projects.  By April ’11 the necessary funds will have been raised to replace 750 light poles around Mission Hills, which just leaves the matter of selecting which poles will replace the current cobra lights.  The latest timeline for completing the undergrounding of utilities in Mission Hills is anywhere between 14-22 months.  To check out the status of the project, visit the city’s website and type in your street address.

In terms of tree trimming, the city’s street division is not funded to trim trees within Mission Hills.  If you want to get your tree trimmed by the city it’ll cost you a few hundred dollars.  However, if you can find enough neighbors who’d also like to have their trees trimmed, you can drive the cost down to anywhere between $25-$50/tree.  There is an emergency fund that’s set up to deal with dangerous pot holes, burned out lights and/or trees that pose a risk.  Feel free to call the following number if you encounter any or all of those: 619.527.7500.

Page Winkler with MCG Architecture discussed the latest and greatest with the pending Vons construction. They plan on breaking ground within a couple of months and are currently scheduled to complete the project by February ’12.

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