San Diego Housing Market

Keeping Our Fingers On San Diego’s Pulse

San Diego currently has the fourth strongest housing market in the country (trailing D.C., L.A. and NYC). While county-wide home prices have dropped nearly 6% year-over-year, each neighborhood tells a different story: Del Mar is having a great year, Rancho Santa Fe has been hit pretty hard and Coronado is holding its own. If you’re a Seller, patience is the name of the game. There’s no need for Sellers to “test” high list prices in this market. For the best results, start with a “bulls-eye” list price right out the gate. As the saying goes, “marketing is king, but pricing is queen and she runs the household!”  That could not be more true given the current state of San Diego’s housing market. List prices on target with market dynamics and current comparables will have much greater success than “pie in the sky” pricing.

If you’re a Buyer, this is a great time to purchase. If you’re a cash buy lasix online without a prescription buyer, real estate is your oyster. Interest rates continue to drop (sub 4% on a 30-year fixed), and there are deals to be found in many a neighborhood. That said, the lack of quality inventory can be frustrating.  Buyers should be prepared to pounce when quality properties hit the market and should not anticipate a “steal” in the more coveted neighborhoods. While negotiating power has shifted to the Buy-side, we still see multiple offers when well-priced, turn-key properties hit the market.

Overall, experts are forecasting a 1%-2% dip county wide in 2012 with prices stabilizing in a couple of years. Keep in mind that these macro-level projections don’t tell the full story… every neighborhood is unique. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, don’t let the headlines cause inaction. Those willing to see the big picture in America’s Finest City will be on the right side of hindsight.

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