Sign of the Times

There’s an interesting trend we realtors have noticed recently here in San Diego.  Some homeowners who have made the decision to sell their house are a bit apprehensive when it comes to having a For Sale buy xanax usa sign installed in their front yard.  One common explanation is that they think the sign exposes them to questions from nosy neighbors.  Another reason I’ve heard is that they simply don’t think the sign will help sell their home.

The average time the average home in Mission Hills, Point. Loma, La Jolla or Del Mar sits on the market these days is about 6 months.  Obviously this time may fluctuate depending on price strategy and market conditions.  Because homes aren’t selling as fast as they were 4 or 5 years ago, Sellers have a more long-term relationship with their For Sale sign.

Understandably, Sellers want to sell their home as quickly and smoothly as possible.  So if Sellers want optimal results, they need to be “all in.”  A For Sale sign is one small slice of the marketing pie.  Selecting a reputable realtor, price strategy, staging and advertising are all part of the process.  When they work together, the probability for a successful end result only increases.  Think about it in these terms… a lot of people from outside neighborhoods like to walk around Mission Hills or Del Mar or their favorite part of Point Loma.  A couple who isn’t even in the market to buy a home may just happen to walk or drive by your house, see the For Sale sign and realize that it’s their dream home and call to arrange an appointment.   In our industry these are referred to as “sign calls” and they happen more often than you would think.

Buyers are few and far between in this market, so put aside your pre-conceived ideas and proudly install a sign that draws interested buyers to your home.   Let them know your home is FOR SALE!

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