Vantage Pointe Units Converted to Rentals

The developer of San Diego’s largest residential high-rise, Vantage Pointe, has decided to refund all deposits today to the fifty or so buyers who were waiting to close escrow on their units. All units will now be converted to rentals. With this latest piece of news the final chapter in this disastrous development has come to a close, or should I say thud.

If only we could press a reset button and make this eyesore disappear. So what makes this landlocked “Titanic” so awful? Is it the pathetic attempt to integrate into the surrounding environment that serves as a case study for what not to do when it comes to downtown living and use of ground floor retail buy xanax without prescriptions space?  Or is it the scale of the project which reflects the archaic mentality that super-sizing is always better? How about the horrid design and color scheme, which already gives the building a dated and tired look? One thing is certain: residents, real estate professionals and architectural critics all agree… Vantage Pointe is hands down the ugliest building in downtown and arguably in all of San Diego.

The only question left unanswered is what does the “e” represent on the end of Vantage Pointe? From here on out let’s agree that it means EVERY time we walk or drive by this building it will remind us of what we don’t want our downtown skyline to look like.

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