“Why Are They Selling?”

When you’re in the real estate industry long enough, there are certain questions you start to find puzzling. One of the more curious: “Why is the owner selling?” Perhaps stepping into someone else’s home is akin to opening an US Magazine. All of a sudden one feels entitled to information that is oftentimes quite personal and, frankly, both pointless and none of our business. I find it most curious when this question is posed by other agents/brokers. When my response “they’re selling because they want to move” doesn’t diffuse their Gossip Girl nature, I’m at a professional loss. At one of our recent open houses for Brokers only, an agent decided to counter my explanation with “Well I heard from the neighbors that it’s a nasty divorce, and he’s moved out.” Needless to say I will always correct the misguided “nosy Nelly” as I’m not in the business of fueling the hearsay where to buy tramadol online flame, but only with, you guessed it, “They’re selling because they want to move.”

Whether Sellers are down-sizing empty nesters, divorcing parents or relocating executives, their reasons for selling are completely irrelevant to the value of their home. Questions that will help agents and buyers assess a home’s value are along the lines of: “Did they get permits when they remodeled?”, “Has the plumbing and electric been updated?” and “How old is the roof?” The purchase and sale of real estate requires careful analysis of neighborhood comps and, especially in this market, knowledgeable professionals. Put your focus on things that are critical to the successful outcome of your deal. There simply isn’t any point in getting hung up on idle Wisteria Lane banter.

For those TMZ addicts who just can’t help themselves and will continue to inquire “Why are they selling?”, these THG lips are sealed.

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